Our Marry Me Thailand Team


General Director 

Well before her role as general director, Petra’s love of the arts would seep into local social gatherings. Petra’s passion is to bring her celebratory artistic spirit to life, one impeccably designed event at a time.

Petra sees the big picture and guides you into visualizing that picture for yourself with her adept skills of visual communication. With her friendly and efficient approach, she assures everything falls into place for her clients.

Her first-hand experience managing events and weddings in Europe and Asia, gives her the expertise to produce events that are guaranteed to be a unique, memorable success.

We are the Chappells

Andrea and Paul Chappell have been happily married for ten years

We are a husband and wife team from Melbourne, Australia, who have been fortunate enough
to travel the world extensively with our work. We now are very much settled, living and workingin Phuket, Thailand.

Combined, we have management experience in the service, airline, retail, event management and education industries.Our support network reaches far and wide, and we are blessed to work with some of Thailand’s finest resorts, villas, florists, entertainers and photographers, ensuring you get the wedding that you want. Our service providers are all hand-picked and personally inspected for quality of service and reliability.