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Marry Me Thailand began as a husband and wife team from Australia, who live in Phuket. We are very well travelled throughout Thailand and Asia. We choose to live here in Thailand because we absolutely love the country and its people…not because we have to. This applies also…

We are one of the Number One Wedding Planners in Thailand for arranging the most important day of your life in paradise. We have the means, the tools and the know-how to help transform your wedding day wishes to a truly tropical reality that you and your guests will treasure forever. Working on the ground, in partnership with yourselves and the carefully selected services providers of your choice, here in Thailand is something we are very good at and have vast experience in.


General Director 

Well before her role as general director, Petra’s love of the arts would seep into local social gatherings. Petra’s passion is to bring her celebratory artistic spirit to life, one impeccably designed event at a time.

Petra sees the big picture and guides you into visualizing that picture for yourself with her adept skills of visual communication. With her friendly and efficient approach, she assures everything falls into place for her clients.

Her first-hand experience managing events and weddings in Europe and Asia, gives her the expertise to produce events that are guaranteed to be a unique, memorable success.